Building integrated photovoltaics through PV module bonding


  • Suitable for all common areas of use
  • All pitched roofs with a roof pitch of 3° to 35°
  • Statically critical roofs
  • Economical solution for new constructions or
  • Roof refurbishment (replaces conventional roof coverings)
  • Module bonding at temperatures at +10° to +40° degrees Celsius
  • Carports


  • Long-lasting and elegant mounting solution
  • Most economical solution particularly for new buildings and roof refurbishments
  • Low static load
  • Very lightweight at 16,6 kg/sqm (PV module and sheet metal)
  • Optimal utilisation of the roof area
  • Noise insulation trough PV modules
  • Weather resistant, UV resistant
  • Safe, quick and easy to install without roof penetration
  • High elastic stability
  • No penetration of moisture
  • Rapid water drainage and optimal ventilation
  • Solar modules can be mounted vertically or transversely
  • PV modules can be removed safely and quickly
  • No corrosion up of the adhesives
  • No operating costs
  • 100% recyclable

Assembly system

  • 1035x1800mm x 0.62mm anti-corrosion trapezoidal steel sheets DIN18807
  • Polyester fabric coated on both sides
  • RAL 9002 Grey, RAL 7012 Basalt grey, RAL 8014 Sepia
  • 4–8 cm insulated sandwich panels are available upon request
  • Connection seal and aluminium closure panels
  • Connecting elements according to static calculation and authorisation
  • EJOT® screws, connector seals, closure panels
  • Sika® high-performance adhesive kit for solar roofing
  • Solar DC cable 4.0 mm² Black (Cable reel/100m per 3kW)
  • MC4 connectors
  • Prepared for mounting
  • Installation instructions, Warning label kit (UK)

Sika® high performance adhesive kit

The Sika® high performance adhesive kit, a combination of adhesive pads, adhesion improver and special glue, provides an extremely strong bond between sheet metal and back side PV panels.

The kit contains everything required for gluing PV modules to the metal sheet: Sika® adhesive set for solar PV bonding and adhesive instructions as well as Ejot® screws for attaching the trapezoidal sheets related to the substructure. You will only need a standard manual application gun for 600ml sachets and a fluff free cloth.


  • Eliminates the need for frame or clamps in PV module assembly
  • High production efficiency
  • Saves an enormous amount of installation time
  • Flexible bonding eliminates stress peaks and micro cracks
  • Freedom of design for BIPV

Guarantees and certifications

PV modules
10 years product warranty, 25 years performance warranty

IEC 61215-2, IEC 61730-2, MCS,
ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, CE,
IEC, TÜV, COBAT Recycling, Clean Energy Council, MCS, Unifergie

Trapezoidal sheets/sandwich elements:
Certifications: DIN 18807, CE, ISO9001

Sika® adhesive kit
Complies with the requirements for EOTA ETAG 002, EN 13022, ASTM C 1184, fire protection classified (EN 11 925-2/DIN 4102-B1), LEED® IEQ 4.1/SCAQMD 116/BAAQMD 8-51

Planning note

The PV-KITsystem is delivered complete and ready for installation.

Check local planning regulations to make sure you are allowed to install a solar PV system.

Please use the checklist, check the roof orientation and measure the tilt angle of the roof, record any shade on the roof and make a thorough assessment of roof quality. For safety reasons, an inspection by a stress analyst or a structural engineer should be conducted and documented in written form.

We shall be pleased to make you an offer, based on the data in your PV Checklist. Before sending the PV Checklist, find your energy bills from the last year so our technicians have a good understanding of your energy use. Ask you how much electricity you use and when in the day you use it.

Whether you order your system, we will check your order for completeness and consistency. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more detailed information about this solar PV system or for larger-scale projects.

Easy installation for all pitched roofs
with a roof pitch of 3° to 35°

The system allow aesthetically optimal integration into architectural designs and provide the building with a economical and long-living solution.

The PV-KITsystem building integrated solution, trough the bonding of PV modules, has three decisive advantages. It

  • avoids the entrance of rain water and drifting snow,
  • guarantees optimum ventilation of the modules.
  • No tools are needed which saves a lot of time during on-site installation.

Through the PV-KITsystem consisting of roof trapezoid profiles and the generator surface, a rainproof and simple assembly is achieved.

Tile sheets produce proper connection as well as a lateral border between roof tiles and the PV-KITsystem. Ventilation channels enable good air flow for the modules on the rooftop.

The PV-KITsystem resembles in its method of gluing together modules the bonding of glass on a high rise.

This means that the modules are not screwed on with an assembly system but rather bonded with special glue. Thanks to this innovative mounting method damages such as e.g. stress cracks resulting from mechanical motions of the roof structure, can be avoided. The modules are assembled on the roof without tools which results in enormous time saving. Time consuming module alignment will therefore be omitted.

The PV-KITsystem method used to secure the PV modules not only provides an aesthetic effect and stress-free assembly of the modules, but also ensures that rainwater and dirt run off easily, as there are no corners and overlapping edges. The module can provide its full energy production.

In use with new construction or roof renovation this assembly system has an advantage in regards to the costs and optics as opposed to other assembly systems.

As in all other systems of the PV-KITsystem’s range, only high quality corrosion-resistant materials are used. Convenient assembly through the bonding of modules with glue significantly accelerates the assembly of the PV roof generator.

This solution replaces the conventional roof covering, and is planned to match your roof. The PV-KITsystem can be used with almost all roofing types and carports.